You think you can survive on Lortuma?
You are up to a challenge?
Then head down to the application form! 

Remember you got to be +18 to join the Lortuma ARK server!
You will need to have Discord and a working headset to communicate with everyone. You can also join the Discord right away (we are also a general gaming community) and send your application later.

If your application fits the requirements, you are gonna be added to the whitelist so you are able to play with everyone.

Once in the Discord and accepted to the server you can also decide to either join an existing clan or to make your own.

Please keep your timezone in mind!
The admins are both from Germany, so big events will usually be hosted Fridays or Saturdays around 9-10 PM CEST (central european standard time). Please check if this will work with you (at least most of the time) before applying.