Beach Clan

Beach Clan

Beach Clan

Difficulty : Easy
Members : 1/5
Clan banner : Spinosaurus
Eco Empires : Babylonian

The Clan : 
The beach clan are the rulers of water, making their homes on the water and travelling around with rafts. Members of this clan do not need to deal with the dangerous beasts like others, and have it easier finding basic resources at the coast. But watch out, the waters have plenty of dangers.

Their Character :
While they less likely need to deal with the beasts of the main land and have an easier time to find food and basic resources, this clan can travel around by rafts or tamed water creatures. The beach provides plenty of organic polymer and silica pearls which makes a good deal on the market. The beach clan was the clan who invited the others onto their raft when they all had to flee their old dying home. Being at the core of oil and pearly, showes the trading spirit  this clan has.

Application :
This clan will be the best for players who are less experienced with Ark gameplay or for people who don’t want to deal with the hard play style of other clans. Be aware though, the waters of Valguero are filled with terrible electrical wildlife though.