Community Market

Community Market

Community Market

On Lortuma we got one big alliance, the market alliance! Every clan is in it to make sure everyone is able to build together on our big marketplace. The spot is marked on the map. On the market we use our integrated coin currency to trade creatures and items with each other. There are also some special workbenches that give us the option to sell stuff without being there ourselves! You just got to come back and pick up your coins. Our current players are all used to the market system, but to make it easier for new players, this market page was done. This site here includes infos about the marketplace, restrictions for buildings and a tutorial on how to use the seller benches.

The Market - Buildings

The market is placed within the map given castle in the middle of the redwood forests. Inside the „second ring“ of the castle, everyone can build their traders house, one per clan. The inside area is saved by a gate, which is set to „unlocked“ and should always be closed by players who went through (it´s there to keep the wildlife out, so no dinosaurs for sale get attacked).

Right beside the main gate, you will  find a workbench and a box. In the box you will find each sellers table there is, you can take 1 of each per clan (item table, dinosaur sales table, cooled item table). The workbench is a masonary table (castles mod) in which you will find numerous resources. To keep the look of a castle, everyone needs to build their sales house with parts from this workbench. Using the resources for anything else but building your market places stand is strictly forbidden and will lead to a perma ban!

– Buildings „look“ gotta be from Masonry table
– Sellerstables are in the box (1 of each per clan)
– Using the free market place resources for anything else but the market, will get you banned

Building Restrictions

Since we are 13 different clans (plus 2 admins) we cant let people build unlimited. We had seen where that leads on our first server on Valguero where some people suffered lags and even game crashes.
Below the first image you see, is the above view of the market place. You can see a natural path there. Dont block it but try to build around it so we can make sure people can still ride through the market, even with bigger dinosaurs.
The second and third image shows roughly the size of how big a clans sales house can be. It can be smaller, but not bigger so we can make sure every clan gets their own spot within the castles area. The admins will no longer sell „special“ dinos but their own breeded dinosaurs which can be kind of special. The big specialties will only be available at the Wandering Trader.

– Build within the 2nd ring of the castle (not outside where  the broken buildings are)
– Dont build on the natural paths but around, leave enough space to others buildings so you can still ride through the  market
– Dont exceed the shown base size of a building
– You can add multiple layers, keep in mind the max dino sale amount at a time though and if you really need multiple layers
– Decorations are nice, but dont overwork it (decorations pull the frames down worse than the main structures)

Dinosaur Restrictions

Since of the problem of lags, we decided to put up some sales restrictions to dinosaurs as well. This means you are only allowed to sell the following number of dinosaurs each at a time. This is to prevent a market stand to have 100 dinosaurs up, causing everyone else to lag. If your dinosaurs dont sell, try to either change the price, or rotate it with another dino and try to sell it again later.

Max amount of dinosaurs up for sale at a time (in total – no pets) : 15
Apexes for sale at a time : 5 (everything around the size of a Rex)
Max amount of shoulder pets up for sale at a time : 10

Sellers table tutorial

First of all: To use the tables, buy and sell stuff you need coins! The golden coins can be earned by either joining events, finding hidden bags or selling stuff to other players. When you got them in your inventory, you can hit E on em to place a little bag of coins anywhere you want. You can then put more money into it for example for storing. Just be aware, anyone can grab the bag with the coins so dont place it public except if you want to play Santa Claus!

The tables, there are 3 of them. Your clan can have one of each table. In the image below you can see : 
Item sales table – to sell… items!
Cooled sales table – to sell anything that can rot (notice that you will need electricity to power it)
Dino sales table – on this one you will be able to sell your dinosaurs, its far bigger than the other 2 tables.

On the image below you see the items sales table with nothing in it, thats whay its saying closed even though its your own. In this tutorial we will go through using this one, but all tables work the same, the dinosaurs sales table is little different, but explains itself once you know the basic of the sales table.

To open your sales table, look at your table and hold E. The wheel opens. To sell something you gotta open the Owner Inventory.

You can now shove whatever you want to sell, from your own to the salestable inventory. To put it up for sale, first click the item, then the make contract button will appear. Click it.
(Notice that for creating any contract, you will need 1 coin in your inventory!)

The Create Contract window will pop up. There you can now set the price, add if you want to add multiple items to the price and set a hook if you want to have all items of the same kind sell for the same price and quantity.

Once you have set up something for sale, your table will automatically be open and people can buy stuff and dinos from your tables without you needing to be around!

Within the salestable, it will look roughly like this for a buyer, you can see quantity and price of the item.

Thats it! If you got any questions or trouble with using something, feel free to get into touch with the Titans or some other players, people are happy to help.
In the Discord you will also find a channel called Market in which you can write a note about new items or dinos up for sale, that way people can see it faster!