Dr. Jeckylls Laboratory

Get a special treat – but stay alive please!

The wandering trader has left us, he decided to move to other islands with new survivors. Good thing we now got Dr. Jeckyll!

Luckily, the broken transition that gave Therbis her charming scaled personality, the dragon „Hyde“ also gave her new skills, making her also go as „Dr Jeckyll“. 

Just like the random message of „Hyde appeared“ there will be „Dr. Jeckylls Laboratory opened“ which will mean that they are now sitting in their  experiment making laboratory base and do what they can do best- work on genetically modified creatures, being either beasts that don´t live on Fjordur, or creatures with far higher stats than the wildlife on Lortuma.

Unlike the wandering trader, Dr. Jeckyll will have their base on a fixed spot. Some spaces on their house are also made out of glass so that passing survivors can have sneak peaks inside to see what they might be working on and giving out next.

Dr. Jeckyll gives a crap about currencys, they need materials to continue their work! So whenever they open their lab to the survivors and you show up saying you would like a certain creature, Dr. Jeckyll will let you know what they need you to bring or do in exchange for that animal. Those quests can be anything from simple retrieving lost tools, to bringing rare resources or even fighting the dragon Hyde to retreive one their head!

Dr. Jeckyll will appear randomly in time, it will be announced within the Discord the same day as well though.