Forest Clan

Forest Clan

Forest Clan

Difficulty : Medium
Members : 4/5
Clan banner : Raptor
Eco Empires : Tokugawa

The Clan :
The Forest clan is what we call the basic fighters. The forest offers all the good stuff we know from Ark from the very beginning, the best dinos, many resources and a semi-overviewable area to play in. Forest wildlife sure can bring you some frustration though since raptors wont wait a second before pouncing you and terrorbirds will slam their beaks into you and your companions at any  time.

Their Character :
Forest clan members are very balanced people, they have all their right tools at them at all time, prepared for anything at any time. Trading, taming, fighting, a forest member is never bored and constantly excited for the challenges that lay infront of them.

Application :
If you apply to the Forest clan you probably have played Ark for a good time before and you are used to not always being able to see for miles, being stuck in trees or fighting a randomly shown up Tyrannosaurus. Your mindset might be friendly, but its strong set, straight to survival.