Hyde Attacks

Watch out, here he comes!

As you can read in the story tab „Jeckyll and Hyde“ there is gonna be trouble whenever the server message pops up that says „Hyde appeared“.
Whenever the player Therbis with a now split personality is on the server, you are not going to know is she just building her own base, is she maybe gonna turn into Dr. Jeckyll and treat us with new creatures or will she turn into the dragon Hyde?

The last one, the dragon Hyde, sure is the worst that could happen to a peaceful day of farming and taming, because everytime Hyde appears, players have to drop what they do, unite and slay the dragon! Why? Because noone is safe from it. Hyde will attack all players and their creatures around them, they will even go for the whole base if the players are trying to hide inside! Players must build smart and act quickly and together to fight it off. Hyde might randomly decide to attack another player, never concentrating on just one of them but also every player around. Hyde will mostly focus ON the players though, attacking their creatures and bases is more of a collateral damage. So if the players all ride out of their bases to fight Hyde, he will come after them, letting go of the bases.

With every time Hyde gets killed, they will become a little bit stronger the next time they are going to attack. Besides nest that need to be destoyed to keep Hyde from spawning, there is not much players can do to prevent it from doing so. Unlike other events like Mystery Events or Dr. Jekylls Laboratory, the Hyde event won´t be announced. It will happen randomly and often when there is a good amount of players online that are able to team up to defend themselves from the dragons rampage.


An attack by Hyde can be quite wild and adrenaline filled. So listed below you will find some quick infos about the event so you can read it up easily.

  • The Hyde event will appear randomly and will not be announced (except for ingame server message)
  • Hyde can be kept from appearing more often or faster by destroying the nests it is building all over the map (thatch buildings by the unallianced player Therbis)
  • Hyde may be fought with every weapon players have (no admin powers by Red)
  • When killed, Hyde will leave a single scale which is an important item to Dr. Jekyll. Players must decide who get´s it after a fight
  • When killed, Therbis will appear out of the dragon and may not be attacked.
  • There is an offline protection from Hyde for players who are not online whilst the attack, doesn´t apply though if players decide to „flee“ by logging out right after its appearance
  • Players should join the mystery events hosted by Red in which the reward of each event will give a item or clue on why the Jeckyll and Hyde syndrome showed up and how to fix it
  • Whenever Hyde appears, it means it will start flying from Therbis base. Depending on where players life, that might give them more or less  time to return to their base to grab weapons. Living too close might not be a good idea
  • Players should build „smart“ bases, like multiple layered ones or a couple of empty builds so the dragon gets distracted by attacking the wrong house suspecting the survivor in it

Rules for the event itself can also be found in the tab „Rules„.