Jeckyll and Hyde

Jeckyll and Hyde – Season 3
A new map means a new world, new creatures and a new story!
The Fjordur map came up and the decision to wander to this map was made.
Unlike on their wandering to the Lost Islands though, this one was not as easy as before. Within the transition, cracks, lightnings and problems appeared, threatening the survivors lifes being within the digital transfer of their life to another island! When the trouble of the transition ended, they got washed up the shore. All of them healthy and alive, except- for that they lost everything they had before. Their learnt wisdom was gone, they didn´t have any clans anymore, their beloved pets where gona and they had nothing left but their underwear. It was about time to start from the very beginning, a good time for strangers to enter the scene and join the old survivors as new ones.

As everyone leaves the beach to collect goods and tame new companions, the Titan of peace and chaos stand on the beach for a moment. Going to seperate any moment, Red the Titan of peace notices that their friend Therbis the Titan of chaos, is feeling unwell and has some random body twitches.
„Are you okay my friend?“
„Yah, I´m fine, why you asking?“
„You where doing some weird moves since we arrived on the beach. The transition was hard to all of us, did you hurt something?“
„No! I don´t know what you are talking about. Come on, it´s time to get going before the survivors take the best spots for a new home.“
Red nodded heading her own way now, but had a last look after Therbis who walked into the woods. She felt that something was off. And oh how right this would proof to be.

After a short time, the survivors settled in, did what they do best and rebuild their homes. It was peaceful, until IT showed up.
The world rumbled for a moment and then it came up, a dragon, different than the other creatures they knew. The moment it showed up, the first survivors already freaked in happiness, starting to plan how they tame it and who could grab it first. But then it all went downhill for them as the creature seemingly focus attacked them, only the survivors and their mounts, not a single wild creature, it was going straight for the survivors!
As some of them hid inside their yet cheap wooden houses, the creature worked it´s way through the walls, set everything on fire and left destruction. This was not a normal creature, this was an intelligent beast with more wits than any wild creature they ever tamed or even trained themselves. In their last hope, they united and tried to defend the little bit they got. It was their luck that Red also passed by and helped them attack the monstrum.

As the final hit was done and the monster finally fell to it´s death, the cheering was big even though everyone was devastated of the destruction that happened. As they went closer to check the beast out, it started to vanish into dust and what it left on the ground, left everyone speechless.
It was Therbis, the Titan of chaos!
She stood up, dizzy and not able  to stand straight for a moment.
„What the hell Therbis?!“ shouted Red.
„They where all just fresh survivors, noone was prepared for this! And where did you even find that  thing?“
Therbis, still with a hand on her head looked around.
„What are you talking about? What happened here?“
„Are you kidding me? You smashed their village and killed most of their tames with this beast!“
„Excuse me? I did nothing, I was just cutting some woods at my house, the next thing I remember is feeling a stroke in my chest and then… then I woke up here. Why is everything broken here?“

Red stood in confusion. As far for what she just saw, she still believed her friend. The survivors looked as worried as her since Therbis really seemed worried for what happened to their houses and was sad for the dead dinosaurs bodies around. Unable to think about what might be the cause, Red decided to bring Therbis home first and figure it out another time.

As time passed it all got more clear because the beasts attacks appeared again and again. The dragon showed up, attacked the survivors and their creatures and would only be able to be stopped from the attacks by killing it, always having a dizzy confused Therbis left. She was never riding a creature, she WAS the creature. But she would always deny what happened, said that she was doing fine and they all made these stories up. They also couldn´t just contain her in a cage, since she was still the Titan of chaos with controlling powers. The dragon though, was never untouchable, it was always able to hurt it, like that broken side of Therbis didn´t know it had those powers.

Red knew, something must have happened to her friend within the transition. Something gave her the power to become a uncontrolable creature, gave her a split personality. The Jeckyll and Hyde syndrome.
In her worry, Red asks the clans to leave behind the rivalry fights of the past and to unite to find a solution for the problem. Because as the fights happened more oftenly, she noticed how the health and attacks of the dragon grew bigger and bigger after every attack. Soon Hyde could be too powerful to overcome. So the survivors followed Red´s call and would join her in numerous events on the hunt for clues and tips on how to stop the dragon they now called „Hyde“ to ever appear again.

New seasons traits :

  • The broken side of Therbis is gonna be the dragon „Hyde“ going around on a rampage to kill anyone even within their bases until it get´s slain
  • The trader is now named „Dr. Jeckyll“ and will be giving away special modified creatures (dinosaurs not on the Fjordur map or special level cratures) in exchange for fullfilled quests or items
  • Story events will be about finding clues that will in the end lead to a final solution of how to fix the split personality problem on Therbis
  • The dragon Hyde will build several „nests“ all over the map in certain time, made of thatch building parts. Players must destroy these nests before they are done. Once a nest is finished, Hyde will appear.
    (Even if all nests are destroyed, Hyde might appear randomly. Destroyed nests add a delay or keeps Hyde from spawning multpile times.)
  • There is no trading system as before, players are free to decide though if they want to develope their own
  • Players got to build „smart“ bases since there will be no turrets in this season! To confuse Hyde they can build multiple layered houses or fake buildings to distract him from attacking the right spots.
  • Clans who are offline in the time of Hydes appearance won´t be attacked. However if their dinosaurs are close by to a fight and aggro him due to allianced players getting hurt, they will get attacked too.