Jungle Clan

Jungle Clan

Jungle Clan

Difficulty : Hard
Members : 1/5
Clan banner : Therizinosaurus
Eco Empires : Matis

The Clan :
Members of the Jungle clan are used to dense green nature and the feel of risk on every step they take. Being pounced by raptors or sliced by Therizinos is what they go through daily but they don´t break under natures pressure. Instead they take advantage of a land filled with resources.

Their Character :
Jungle clan members always seem a bit nervous in the open, like a bat they prefer the dense greens, thick enough to darken the surrounding and giving plenty opportunity to hide from potential bountys set on them.

Application : 
If you want to apply to the Jungle clan you should actually like it to not being able to see into endless distance because the Jungle clans territory is the most thick planted on the whole map. It can hide big surprising danger, but the trees will also hide you from eyes you dont want to be seen by.