Story Legacy

The Origin – Season 1
Before any survivor ever touched the island, it was only the home to two people: Therbis and Red. The two never knew how they ended up on this piece of land, but what they knew is that they had some godlike powers, could fly, be impossible to hurt, make monsters appear and magically have building materials in their hands. It was that time they got themselves the name „Titans“. The Titans despite being friends, couldnt act more different on the island. Red, the Titan of peace. She is more about the chilled building, collecting material and collecting creatures, liking to help and keep balance everywhere. Therbis, the Titan of chaos. She is more about the action, farming materials as fast as possible, going big, going bored fast and trying to build arenas, mazes and more.

Then on a normal day, the boat with the survivors arrived. A big group of 35 people. Despite all going by the same boat and looking alike, the 35 people actually hated each other for the most part. They had never been part of each other, they were strangers who by luck all happened to boat the same raft and flee their old dying world. The week of surviving on a raft on the sea, made them go mad at each other.
When the float hit the beach of Lortuma, the Titans where the first to show up to them and made it clear they are the gods of these lands and that the survivors are only tolerated until they prove themselves worthy of calling themselves Lortuman.

The Titans had different feels about the survivors. The Titan of peace saw the possibility of new friends, a peaceful community working together to have a good life on the island. The Titan of chaos though saw a chance to finally have people run through their build mazes, send them into arenas and test them out if they are even worth to touch the lands of Lortuma.

Just future will tell if all clans can make it to the end of the Titans plans, or if some of them will leave the island forever, going down under final events and tasks the Titans give them.

Chaos Wave 
The Chaos Titan had a bad day. In the morning she lost a couple of mated eggs to egg robbing dinosaurs, later one of her oldest tames died due to his age and now she had to go out, slap Argentarvis who wouldnt let her farm in peace! She had enough for a day and grumpily continued farming metal. Then she suddenly heard voices, some of the islands survivors where close by. She didn´t know who, but she didnt bother enough to go around the stone piles to have a look. But they where close enough to be heard.

„I don´t know why you think so! We are the strongest clan there is.“
„You must be dreaming, we are by far higher in skill and our technical level is glorious. We can beat you any time of the day!“
„I´m telling you, there is noone stronger than us, not even the Titans! This island is a joke to us.“

It might have been the rough day the Chaos Titan has had, maybe it was the weather or the tone of those survivors talking, but she had enough. Her face turnt dark, her stare could have killed. She slammed her pick on the ground, took her mount and went down the hill.
In the evening she met with the Titan of Peace for their usual sit together to have some dinner.

„I´m telling you they are turning cocky, cocky on us!“
„Calm down Therbis, they maybe just had a bad day like you did. Maybe they where just fooling around, but they likely didn´t mean it.“
„I´ve had enough peace. We offered them our island and I finally want to have some action again!“
„Uh oh, I smell trouble in your words.“
„For sure. I will show them the strongest, I will show them what Chaos is made of!“
„You are not going to hurt them are you?“
„Maybe. I have some things on my mind. Things that will change our island forever, tip the balance of power over. I want them to feel powerless like they did when they first came here, and if I have to ride trouble right infront of their walls then hell I will do that!
They shall proof what kind of wood they are made of, show if they are able to fight and survive. If they are able to put their childish troubles aside and unite to go through the toughest event so far!“
Red looks worried for a moment, then has a tiny smirk on her lips.
„You know what, maybe you are right. As far as I dont like seeing the survivors struggle, I do wonder what they are able to do and withstand. What do you always say? Let there be chaos.“
„Let there be chaos!“

Chaos Wave Survival
After collecting tips for many weeks about how the event will be, some players where able to make it through the chaos! Though the events took their victims. Three of the six clans being up at the time, didn´t make it through the event and have decided to leave the island to find a better home.
The remaining clans grew even stronger of the Chaos event and proved themselves to the Titans to be worthy and powerful survivors! This is exactly what they need to be because after the events, the whole island changed, making the survival far harder than before. 

The big wandering – Season 2
A lot of time has passed since Lortuma first opened its arms to welcome survivors. Now the wind have brought the message of a new world, filled with goods, creatures and many new places to explore.
The Lost Islands! 
Curious like Lortuma survivors are, they traveled the oceans to find this wonderous lands. And fell in love. Hyped by all the possibilities, they agreed to move their home and make themselves cozy on the Lost Islands. The new Lortuma.
Everyone went back to start pack their creatures and materials. Its time for a new beginning, new adventures, more clans and new fun!