You made it here, so you seem to really be thinking about joining. Let´s see if the story and setup of Lortuma will spook you away for good or if you finally decide you can take the challenge and click apply!

The Story of Lortuma
Before any survivor ever touched the island, it was only the home to two persons: Therbis and Red. The two never knew how they ended up on this piece of land, but what they knew is that they had some godlike powers, could fly, be impossible to hurt, make monsters appear and magically have building materials appear. It was that time they got themselves the name „Titans“. 
The Titans despite being friends, couldnt act more different on the island.
Red, the Titan of peace. She is more about the chilled building, collecting material and collecting creatures, liking to help and keep balance everywhere.
Therbis, the Titan of chaos. She is more about the action, farming materials as fast as possible, going big, going bored fast and trying to build new stuff everytime, trying to house her numerous pets.

Then on a normal day, the boat with the survivors arrived. A big group of 35 people. Despite all going by the same boat and looking the same, the 35 people actually hated each other for a big part. They had never been part of each other, they where strangers who by luck all happened to boat the same raft and flee their old dying world all together. The week of surviving on a raft on the sea, made them go mad at each other, all liking to live different styles of life and having their plans set to split into 7 different clans of 5 members already.
When the float hit the beach of Lortuma, the Titans where the first to show up to them and made it clear they are the gods of these lands and that the survivors are only tolerated until they prove themselves worthy of calling themselves Lortuman.

The Titans had different feels about the survivors. The Titan of peace saw the possible destruction and danger the survivors could bring with them. The Titan of chaos though was quite pleased to finally have people they could send through their buildings and arenas, rewarding them with the islands currency and special Titan-made creatures.

Just future will tell if all clans can make it to the end of the Titans plans, or if some of them will leave the island forever, going down under final events and tasks the Titans give them.

The Setup of Lortuma
The setup is a mix of the rules, the map and the clans to make sure the players will act  accordingly to the rules without having it feel like rules rather than part of the roleplay. (There is a tab „rules“ too for easier overview).
The basic setup is that every Clan with their 5 players each, has to build in their own territory, marked on the map. Of course for farming different materials, they will need to go further than their own borders. Being found by the territorys clan owner, doesnt have to go bloody. We rather want the players to go roleplay and demand some goods or currency of the player that is farming in stranger territory. Another important feature we want to make the map more alive with, is the trading and currency mod, having players sell their own material and save up to buy special Titan spawned creatures for themselves. A great help to get such currency, will joining and winning competitions and events the Titans will be hosting. 
Speaking of the Titans, the survivors see the Titans almost as gods, able to kill with a finger snap, spawn monsters and being bulletproof. The Clans will never ask for goods or currency from the Titans, they wouldnt dare. They dont even need to though, because the gods like the happy accidents of survivors meeting them in the world outside their own bases. Finding a Titan outside in the wild, will be golden to a player, because the Titans will always carry a special item with them they will hand over to the survivor for being attentive and finding them. Depending on which Titan they find, the player will either get a peaceful helping item, or a chaotic dangerous item.

The big wandering
A lot of time has passed since Lortuma first opened its arms to welcome survivors. Now the wind have brought the message of a new world, filled with goods, creatures and many new places to explore.
The Lost Islands! 
Curious like Lortuma survivors are, they traveled the oceans to find this wonderous lands. And fell in love. Hyped by all the possibilities, they agreed to move their home and make themselves cozy on the Lost Islands. The new Lortuma.
Everyone went back to start pack their creatures and materials. Its time for a new beginning, new adventures, more clans and new fun!