Survivors vs Titans

Hello there and welcome! If you are looking for general server informations and explanations of what we actually do, you are at the right place!

What is Lortuma?
Lortuma is a ARK: Survival Evolved event and story server with light roleplay. The story of Lortuma is a pre-planned storyline written behind the scenes (unknown to the players though!)
We don´t look for hardcore 24/7 gamers but the kind of players that play beside their jobs, not taking everything too serious, like to have fun on ingame events and enjoy a good time.

The new seasons will ask for more experienced players though. Even if we are a PvE server mostly, the players for the season „Jeckyll and Hyde“ must be able to defend themselves as if it would be a PvP server. If they are not, they will probably have to face a lot of frustration.

What is the gameplay of Lortuma like?
First of all its „general“ gameplay on PvE server. You do your thing, build your base, tame your creatures. In between those normal days you will get to join events, either random ones or those that are made to follow the story of the new season. There will also be small events of a special tradesman where you can get special creatures in exchange for quests you fullfill.

Who leads Lortuma? 
Behind Lortuma stand the main admin Therbis (Titan of chaos) and the admin Red (Titan of peace).
Therbis is also the host of the server. As Titan of chaos her job is to spread a bit of it everytime she gets online, giving players some tasks and harder times but also good rewards. She also sometimes acts as the tradesman NPC.
Red as the Titan of peace will solve problems, have fun events and rewards and help to controle situations made up by the Titan of chaos.

What do I have to expect when I join?
In this season the story is called  „Jeckyll and Hyde“ and will be the hardest season so far. Unlike on earlier servers it won´t be as easy to just peacefully hoard creatures and build your camps, but not due to the stats of the server but to a certain event that will happen everytime enough players are up to experience it. Also the clans system of  the seasons before was kicked out, people can still build clans, but they can alliance with everyone now. This will be important for their own survival.

Can anyone play on Lortuma?
Basically yes. Anyone can apply, though we would prefer players with experience since this seasons events are gonna be on a harder side. We also ask for people whose frustration line is not below the belt already, cause there will be time they experience hard events that might not go as easy as they think. So basically no people who are throwing a tantrum over loosing a digital pet. Players need to have both Discord and a working headset and have a basic level of socialisation which means you are not allowed to apply saying you got a headset but then be too shy to join into voice chats. 

Whats the story of Lortuma?
You can read the legacy story as well as the current season story up in the story tab.