Welcome to Lortuma!

Hello there and welcome! You are probably here because you where thinking of applying to our server. Time to get you informed first! On this page you will find all informations you need so you can figure out if this kind of gameplay will be fit for you and maybe your friends! We are looking for 65 players, 13 clans of 5 people, plus the two Titans (admins) as our limit.

What is Lortuma?
Lortuma is a ARK: Survival Evolved event and story server with slight roleplay that has a preset planned storyline written behind the scenes (unknown to the players though!) We want the kind of players that play beside their jobs, not taking everything too serious, like to have fun ingame events and enjoy a good time.
The gameplay will be on the map Lost Island, not requiring any dlc´s but running a lot of mods for more interesting gameplay. One of our biggest most fun traits : We do events like running through admin built labyrinths, fight in pokemon like arenas or do scavenger hunts. In those events you can win additional currency you can then use to buy special dinosaurs the admins will put on the market place every now and then and also sell their own goods. Getting Titans (admins) creatures should be a high priority to the players since they could make the difference in the late game. One of the admins is called the Titan of chaos and they have their fingers tickling for making the survivors life by far harder. How long will the Titan of peace be able to keep the chaos Titan back? Better get ready!

What is the gameplay of Lortuma like?
The admins behind Lortuma are like many players, grown up people having jobs and busy lifes. Since of that the server isnt set to be a play-hard server but rather a chilled after-work server where you can rather calmly farm, tame and be excited for the things to come within the story. Lortuma is more of a PvE Server.

Who stands behind Lortuma? 
Behind Lortuma stand the main admin Therbis (Titan of chaos) and the admin Red (Titan of peace). Therbis has an experience of 4000 game hours and running about 10 servers in the past, having the biggest fun on building stuff for events and putting players through self build mazes. Red has plenty of play hours too, rather likes to do the chill play and help out players, solving problens if anyone is asking for it.

What do I have to expect when I join?
You have to expect the unexpectable! Story wise, it has a reason there is a titan of peace and one of chaos. If you easily go nuts about dying in-game, this server is probably nothing for you. Its meant to be challenging, a harder survival task but still without the fear of someone backstabbing you in a PvP style.

Can anyone play on Lortuma?
Basically yes. Anyone can apply, though we would prefer players with experience since the events will contain moments some players would get bitter frustrated over. Lortuma is meant to be a challenge especially to those long time players without adding weird monster mods with unspeakable health or damage numbers. Creatures can and will be added, but always just those that give the original dinosaurs a worth still and not make them useless. All players on Lortuma will be whitelisted so that only those can play on Lortuma. If you want to join the fun of Lortuma, you will have to send an application (check tab „Apply“).

Whats the story of Lortuma?
You can read the legacy story, the use of the Titans (admins) and possible upcoming game content in the tab „Legacy“.