The Lortuma Ark server is, like you could read on the front page already, a story driven server. This means beside the usual gameplay you will experience different parts of a early written story that is set by the Admin Therbis. This is meant to give the players enough room to play in the way they want to, attend events but also have fun of the varieties the story will bring into the game.

Lortuma exists since 10.July 2021 and went through a set of story parts and had a lot of players come and go, with a certain player core staying to experience all the contents.
Around June 2022 the new map Fjordur is meant to be released which Lortuma will take as an update as well, having players have a fresh start for new adventures and an also brand new story to fight through.

Since the story will be important to know so you can understand what´s going on ingame, every new and existing player is advised to read into the new story and if unknown, also the old parts.

Old story parts :

Current story :