Lortuma Titans

Lortuma Titans

Lortuma Titans

Therbis (Chaos)
Red (Peace)

Clan Banner
Deinonychus & Unicorn

The Clan
The Titans are the creators of Lortuma. Until the survivors hit their island, they had been alone. They decided to give the unknown survivors a chance to make a living on their created lands. Usually the Titans will be working like all the other survivors on building their own home and taming the islands creatures. There are days though where they will want to test their island guests by sending them through selfbuild labyrinths or let them fight against each other, with the survivors hopes of great prizes.

The Titan of chaos is known for their blue Deinonychus and likely to do mad tests on players and check them for their abilities.
The Titan of peace is known for Unicorns and does more friendly things and giveaways to people rather than test them.