Like any server, we of course also play with mods! We categorize them in 3 parts though :

Gameplay – they help make the game a better experience.
Clans – those are special Eco mods with different styles only 1 clan is allowed to use.
Market – these are currency and trading mods.

To make it all simple, we made a collection of all mods needed so all you have to do, is follow the link to the steam collection and hit „subscribe all“. 
Additionaly you will have to download the free map „Valguero“.
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> Map <

Gameplay Mods

The following mods have been added to give a more fun game experience. They are stacking and building mods, as also some decorations.

Resource Stacks – 630601751 – explains itself
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered – 1814953878 – If you feel like it, build an enormous castle for your clan! Please remember to put in clan-eco-structures too so its visible who you are even from the outside
eco’s Stable Structures and Decor – 1091147617 – We want you to have as many building look options as possible! Please remember to put in clan-eco-structures too so its visible who you are even from the outside
eco Trees – 670764308 – Not only for decoration but also nice if you want to build a tree house not living surrounded by trees. The mod contains a placeable redwood tree
eco’s RP Decor – 741203089 – No roleplay without roleplay decor right?
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator – 554678442 – Life is short, lets make hatching easier!
Shad’s Atlas Imports – 1652120435 – After the first Chaos wave has been completed, this mod was added to the server to make a harder survival!
ARK Additions: The Collection! – 1522327484 – Not spawning wild but by that  being even more special when you can grab them on the market or win them in events!
ARK Additions: Domination Rex! –  1445395055 – Added due to not included in the original mod ARK Additions. Reach level 100 to be able to craft this beast.
Animals Of Atlas – 1654255131 – More creatures means more fun! These creatures have been added after the first chaos wave.
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction – 2121156303 – After chaos wave one survivors learnt how to build stronger buildings for less materials to be spent. Bringing in the Scifi Building mod!
Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark – 1373744537 – Unlike all the other creatures and dinosaurs before, the ones in  this mod cant be tamed by everyone! Clans have specialized in species and are the only ones who can tame and breed special creatures. Check the Special Tames page to check which dinosaurs you are able to tame.

Clan Mods

We wanted to have the clans have different appearances especially in their bases, so it came very handy that ECO had released 7 Empires sets of different themed buildings. Each theme is set to only 1 clan, only that 1 clan is allowed to use anything from their eco mod set, but not any of the other eco Empires mods. Of course with mods in allowing building of castles or saloon like housing, sticking to the empire set theme is hard. So of course everyone can build with anything (but the other clans Empires set) and we would appreciate if at least to the outside, they made their own Empire mod kinda visible through either fencing or decorating.

eco’s Empires – Matis – 2410721745 – Jungle Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Viking – 2147192126Snow Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Tokugawa – 2053416662Forest Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Romans – 1846109576Plateau Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Khmer – 1846137966Tundra Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Inca – 1890886098Redwood Clan Set
eco’s Empires – Babylonian – 1963444664 – Beach Clan Set


To add a special treat to our players, we added a market and currency system onto the server. The clans goal will be to collect and make some currency to have enough to buy the very special spawned creatures the admins will sometimes offer on the market for higher prices. The weird, often not on Valguero living creatures, might make a difference in the late game.

Capitalism Currency [OPEN SOURCE] – 747539326 
Capitalism Player Trader [OPEN SOURCE] – 873749349 
Capitalism Props Table [OPEN SOURCE] – 771279262