Mystery Events

Time to solve the problem!

Why did the Jeckyll and Hyde syndrome appear on Therbis? How can it be she becomes a dragon that will attack the other survivors on Lortuma? How can that problem be solved? All question that Red, the Titan of peace asked herself and called for the survivors to help her solve the mystery!

To find out how the problem can be solved before the dragon Hyde becomes too strong to fight anymore, the survivors must join the mystery events, mostly hosted by Red, to collect different items and clues. They will show them what went wrong on the transition of their worlds and what broke the DNA of Therbis for her to become either Dr. Jekyll or the dragon Hyde.

The mystery events will happen rather rare since solving the mystery will lead to the end of the seasons story „Jeckyll and Hyde“. In between those mystery events (story events) there will also be some fun / random events to simply enjoy the game and earn some goods for themselves.
Story events will be planned ahead as well as early announced in the Discord.