Plateau Clan

Plateau Clan

Plateau Clan

Difficulty : Medium
Members : 4/5
Clan banner : Allosaurus
Eco Empires : Romans

The Clan :
Plateau clan members love the open, they want to see whats coming and enjoy building on big flat areas, feeling the breeze of the open lands constantly on them. They share their plateaus with some handsome fluffy sheep but can as well run into packs of carnivores. Luckily a Plateau survivor can always see whats coming and prepare quickly.

Their Character :
The Plateau members are a rather chill group of people, not having to look around you every second of their day, makes them more comfortable of their surroundings. Their favourite living is the one of breeders and herders and trade their strongest resource, fresh lamb chops in on the market.

Application :
If you are going to apply for the Plateau clan you probably like many others like the open field and big areas made for building. You will have lots of room to build your clans base and hoard dinosaurs, but you might as well pretty soon run into your clans banner dinosaur, giving out a lot of bleeding.