Redwood Clan

Redwood Clan

Redwood Clan

Difficulty : Very Hard
Members : 4/5
                 Captain Nemo
Clan banner : Bear
Eco Empires : Inca

The Clan : 
Ever felt comfy in nature and threatened by it at the same time? That is the Redwood Clans life! There might be no hard temperatures to survive, but anything running around in the Redwood will try to murder you to have you for lunch. The Redwood Clan had a high tolerance line on dying, they wont freak out over the hundreds Thyla pinning them down from the trees, or the thousands Terror bird pecking their rears. A Redwood Clan member knows what they are made of.

Their Character :
Being around a Redwood Clan member feels like being around a nervous dog. They will always be aware of their full surrounding, expecting anything to come around the next corner or from above to try and kill them. They are fast in everything they do to get back to a save spot quickly. You wont even see them coming or going. They are like the shadows of the trees.

Application :
If you want to apply for the Redwood Clan you should be an experienced player and have no problem with dying quite a lot, especially in the beginning. The creatures in the Redwoods are some of the most nerve-wrecking and leading to quick and unexpected deaths. Making it to a big clan here, proves you to be an experienced survivor who wont step back from a challenge.