Server Rules

In general the server rules are easy to remember and rely on the basics of good behavior and not going into PvP without asking the opponent about it. To make the overlook a little easier, the rules have been seperated for simpler look-up.

LIMITATIONS and specials
A. 8 players per tribe max
B. 250 tames per player max
C. Up to 2 big bases (look up BASE rules)
D. New big base spots got to be approved if it´s unclear if its considered a „natural protected one“ like caves.
E. The RP mod gives you the option to have your  character look very wild, you can use all traits you want but those that give you ability to fire breath and other attacks are forbidden to be used.
F. Phoenixes (modded) spawn on the map, due to a missing code. They are NOT allowed as tamed pets.

– Teleporters that are placed at any kind of heavy resource spot, must be set to public
– Teleporters may NOT be placed in caves that contain artifacts. It´s okay to place it around the entrance, though not in it (if  it´s an underwater cave, the teleporter is not allowed underwater but must be at the nearest beach point).
– Teleporters at bases should be set to public so players can help each other out in the case of Hyde attacks
– Keep teleporter placements to a minimum
– No more than 6 teleporters per clan (this includes public set ones)

We believe in bad days and second chances, so for rule breakers we got a strike system!
1. You break a rule, you receive a strike.
1.1. At your second strike, you will get banned for a month from Ark.
1.2. If you decide to play after that month again, but happen to do another rulebreak, you get banned forever.
1.3. A strike can be made into a instant month ban if we decide a rulebreak was done on bad purpose. After a month of playing, your strikes get deleted.
1.4. There is no strike deletion for players who have been banned once. They do another rule break, they get a constant ban.
1.5. Getting a banned does not mean to get a Discord ban, you can stay within the community but you don´t get whitelisted on the Ark server anymore. 
2. Players must be +18
3. Act mature. No harassment or personal ranting against others. If you happen to have a problem with another player, meet them in a private voice channel, if needed ask an admin to join and help you out.
4. Global chat in English only.
5. Turrets of all kinds must be set to „wildlife only“.
6. You are not allowed to randomly kill players, its a mainly PvE server if not roleplay-wise arranged differently.
7. 8 players per clan.
8. Players who haven´t played for more than 60 days, are considered not interested in the game anymore, will be asked about their absence once and after 3 days of no reply, be removed from the servers whitelist. They can join the server back at a later time.
9. Don´t build on / near high valued resources blocking them from respawning (metal crystal etc).
10. Watch out to have your „passive“ „neutral“ and „attack“ buttons for dinosaurs set right so no accidents with them have to happen when meeting other players or their dinosaurs.
11. No player base raids or stealing unless in roleplay actions. Also no dropping of wild creatures into other peoples bases.
12. Bountys only apply to players, not their dinosaurs. Take care to not kill a players mount since there is more ways to get the bounty than by that
13. There are areas on the map, marked as event area or special spots like market and trader cave. Building there is forbidden!
14. Your clan is allowed to build 2 big clan bases, 1 smaller base(roughly around 30×30 foundations) and 2 outposts (roughly around 10×10 foundations). Don´t build too close to other peoples bases though to prevent lags.
15. If you build taming cages to tame a dino, always tear it down completely when done taming. You can build one taming pen close to your base you dont need to tear down. We dont want unused structures or structures blocking other players from building.
16. Make sure your buildings are not blocking pathways others need to use by foot. If you want to have a wall and gate to be safe from wildlife, add an unlocked gate (it gotta be fit for even the biggest dinos!). Players passing through those gates MUST close them behind themselves when they passed through. 
17. No building in caves or other by nature locked buildings. Underground maps are fine to be built in (like Aberration areas). Don´t block entrances with bases / gats where others need to ride through.
18. If your clan and a second decide you are really strong enemies and you both agree you want to be PvP against each other, it will be okay to do but remember to only have that with the said clan, not accidentally involving others! Set rules with each other before you start.
19. If you have a bounty set onto you, you are immediately up for PvP and any player can kill you at any time. Not your own clan members though. Setting a bounty must be reasonable roleplay wise, no back-bountys onto the one who set it up at first. The admins may at any time set a bounty on your head. A players dinosaur may NOT be killed under any circumstance. 
20. A clan can form as many alliances as they want. 
21. Every member in a clan must have the admin rank and be able to do everything like everyone else in the clan (like being able to invite new players).
22. A player can switch their clan at any time but they are only allowed to take the dinosaurs with them, the clan decides they are allowed to take with them. A player can always take the dinosaurs with them that they tamed or raised themselves though. 
23. The map is open for everyone to build. It´s not allowed to build in the entrance of caves / caves at all (except Aberration zones). It´s also not allowed to build close to other players (might bring up lags) or to block their base entries with something. 
24. Players can decide to perform roleplay actions with each other or surprise others with roleplay actions that weren´t announced by them before.
25. Base rule is always : PvE! So no killing of other players or their creatures.
26. If a roleplay goes very far, its fine to call out for a PvP battle (battlefield must be chosen, no base fights unless both parties ask for it).
27. A person can ask to leave a roleplay action at any time (for example if they have other stuff to take care of or go offline). Some simply aren´t couraged enough or don´t enjoy to reply to roleplay actions, accept they dont want to join in and leave them to their business. Noone can be forced to join roleplay!
28. Take care that roleplay actions are like in „parts“ so that you can always end a part going on at the end of the day. So for example if you rip a player off their pants because you play a robber, the player at the end of the day will have their pants back. (There are more important things for example tools people need to have back). When you continue your roleplay another day, you can hand it all back and go on where you left.
29. Stay polite, especially if a roleplay ends up a little mean and you fall out of the character you playd. Keep in mind, it´s always a game, roleplay means to play a role they wouldn´t in real life.

30. Whilste a Hyde event occurs, players are allowed (and even advised) to team up to fight Hyde. Every use of weaponry is allowed. Players should watch out to not accidentally kill other players or their mounts though. (Can especially happen if not allianced)

31. Once Hyde is defeated it is not allowed to attack Jeckyll Therbis.

32. It is never allowed to attack Therbis base since it´s not part of Hyde attacking and won´t change their attack on players.

33. If a nest from Hyde is found, it may be destroyed completely to give the spawning of Hyde a delay.

34. Clans that are offline won´t be attacked by Hyde. However, if players creatures get pulled by their allianced clan members getting damage by Hyde and run to help them, they might get killed even though the clans players are not online. Better lock them up safely.

35. Every clan has to take care that their base is protected enough / creatures they don´t want to loose are locked up. It is advised to put important dinosaurs behind multiple walls. If all bases are well sealed, Hyde will try to dig their way through the walls.

36. Red may help players defeat Hyde, especially if a fight is going on for a while, but they will also fight normally and not with admin powers. 

37. If Hyde appears and a clan decides to go offline right after it, they won´t have any offline protection. It will be considered fleeing / unwilling to help others in the fight. Only exception is if the players stated before that they are gonna go offline soon so that their leaving is legit.

All rules can get changed, removed or adapted depending on the gameplay and need / requests of the community.