Server Rules

In general the server rules are easy to remember and rely on the basics of good behavior and not going PvP without asking the opponent about it. To make the overlook a little easier, the rules have been seperated for simpler look-up.

General rules
– Players must be +18
– Act mature No harassment or personal ranting against others. If you happen to have a problem with another player, meet them in a private voice channel, if needed ask an admin to join and help you out
– Global chat in English only
– Turrets of all kinds must be set to wildlife only
– You are not allowed to randomly kill players, its a mainly PvE server if not roleplay-wise arranged differently
– 5 players per clan only
– Each clan can have an alliance with only 1 other clan
– If you are going to be inactive for more than 14 days, please tell an admin about it so you aren´t considered inactive
– Players who haven´t played for more than 40 days, are considered not interested in the game anymore, will be asked about their absence once and after 3 days of no reply, be removed from the servers whitelist. The player will probably be replaced by another player so all clans stay equal on numbers
– Don´t build on / near high valued resources blocking them to respawn (metal crystal etc)
– Watch out to have your „passive“ „neutral“ and „attack“ buttons for dinosaurs set right so no accidents with them have to happen when meeting other players or their dinosaurs
– No raids if it hasnt been cleared out to happen through role play (also applies to pvp in general). Bountys set by a Titan onto a player, are an immediate PvP request onto that player.
– Bountys only apply to players, not their dinosaurs. Take care to not kill a players mount since there is more ways to get the bounty than by that
– There are areas on the map, marked as no-mans land. Those spots are high value materials like metal, and cant be claimed. Building at those spots is forbidden

– Every clan can only claim 1 oil veine
– Aberration cave is no-mans land. Every clan can build 1 outpost base in there. No enormous buildings, enough to maybe store some materials and savely place a few dinosaurs. The outpost bases must be build in a way they don´t block other players routes by foot or air
-Your clan is allowed to build 1 big clan base and two smaller outpost (roughly around 12×12 foundations) anywhere within your territory
– Bases can be build with any mod BUT the clan set Eco Empires mod of another clan – In best case your base will show the look of the Eco Empire mod your clan has set to it
– If you build taming cages to tame a dino, always tear it down completely when done taming. You can build one taming pen close to your base you dont need to tear down, but thats it. We dont want unused structures or structures blocking other players from building a temporary taming cage
– You can build 1 small outpost in another clans territory IF you made an agreement (roleplay wise, for example a „rent“ spot through fee payment)

– If your clan and a second decide you are really strong enemies and you both agree you want to be PvP against each other, it will be okay to do but remember to only have that with the said clan not others!
– If you have a bounty set onto you, you are immediately up for PvP and any player can kill you at any time. Not your own clan members though.
Setting a bounty must be reasonable roleplay wise, no back-bountys onto the one who set it up at first

– Make sure your buildings are not blocking pathways others need to use by foot. If you want to have a wall and gate to be safe from wildlife, add an unlocked gate (it gotta be fit for even the big dinos!). Players passing through those gates MUST close them behind themselves when they passed through.

– A clan can only alliance with 1 other clan (besides market alliance) and all members gotta be asked! (democratic voting)
– Only allianced clans can trade with each other for small fees or have breeding projects, other clans will have to pay more legit dinosaur prices (guided to market standards)
– Alliances clans can fight Event beasts together but have to decide how to split the win on their own
– Alliances are not allowed to join Event parties together (like pvp events) except if asked for

Charging fees in your territory
If another clan is in your territory and you find them taming a dino or farming in your lands, you are allowed to ask goods or currency off them. If they agree to give it to you, you have to leave the player to their business, dont interrupt taming and let them farm off the resources they came for. Paying the „fee“ for resources will keep up for that same resource for 1 ingame hour
– If a player cant give you resources or currency, deal it in a role play way. Putting a bounty onto someones head can be a strong message too. Also be reasonable about the fee you charge!
– You cant charge a fee off players who are in air and not farming / taming. Same goes for just passing by on land. If the player lures a dinosaur out of your territory into theirs to tame it, you cant ask for a fee either
– You cant charge a fee for airdrops even if they are in your territory
– If an admin built its base in your territory, you got to accept it and cant charge them any fees. Be happy instead you might get to see them more often and by that more often get a special goodie for meeting them outside their base
– Oil Cave and Black Pearl spawns are both No-Mans Land / Resources which means noone can build on the spot to block them spawning or claim them for themselves charging others for fees

– A player can switch their clan at any time but they are only allowed to take their 100 starter coins and 1 dinosaur with them which they must have tamed or bought themselves. No resources or anything like it.
– A clan can have a second base at their allianced clans territory (not outpost, a full base even). The territory owning clan must approve your spot and in case of a war starting between the clans, can request removing the base at any time. When the alliance breaks, the not homed clan has to remove their base from the ex-allianced clans territory within 1 week.

The Map 
– Oil Cave and Black Pearl spawns are both No-Mans Land / Resources which means noone can build on the spot to block them spawning or claim them for themselves charging others for fees.

– Players can decide to perform roleplay actions with each other or surprise others with roleplay actions that weren´t announced.
– Base rule is always : PvE! So no killing of other players or their creatures.
– If a roleplay goes very far, its fine to call out for a PvP battle (battlefield must be chosen, no base fights unless both parties ask for it)
– A person can ask to leave a roleplay action at any time (for example if they have other stuff to take care of or go offline). Some simply aren´t couraged enough or don´t enjoy to reply in roleplay ways, accept they dont want to join in and leave them to their business
– Take care that roleplay actions are like in „parts“ so that you can always end a part going on at the end of the day. So for example if you rip a player off their pants because you play a robber, the player at the end of the day will have their pants back. (There are more important things for example tools people need to have back).
– Stay polite, especially if a roleplay drops and you fall out of the character you playd.