Snow Clan

Snow Clan

Snow Clan

Difficulty : Very Hard
Members : 3/5
                   Caspian Alea
Clan banner : Wolf
Eco Empires : Viking

The Clan :
The Snow Clan has found a home in the northern part of Lortuma. The ice cold air, thick snow and cracking ice of that region is where they already lived on their old island. 
Members of the Snow Clan have a strong will to survive and wont get themselves burnt out over dying from cold or their regions numerous dangerous animals. 

Their Character :
Having survival put on the daily plate, Snow Clan members often seem to be as cool as their environment. They will mostly do deals rather silent but with a strong mindset. If a Snow wants something, they will do anything to get it. 

Application :
If you want to apply for the Snow Clan you should be an experienced player and have a high frustration line since the flora and fauna will want your death more than in any other region. Making it to a big stable clan in this area will prove you to be a top-notch survivor.