Titans Clan

Titans Clan

Titans Clan

Members : 2 / 2
Clan banner : Shadowmane

The Clan :
The Titans are the creators of Lortuma. Until the survivors hit their island, they had been alone. They decided to give the unknown survivors a chance to make a living on their created lands. Usually the Titans will be working like all the other survivors on building their own home and taming the islands creatures. There are days though where they will want to test their island guests by sending them through selfbuild labyrinths or let them fight against each other, with the survivors hopes of great prizes.

Their Character :
The Titans are basically chill and leaving the clans alone so they can grow, trade and interact with each other. If the time is given though and a Titan feels funny, they will greatly enjoy sending the survivors onto hard  tasks, puzzles and fights. Seeing them struggle and go to their own limits to gain some goods is a Titans kind of joy. The Titan of chaos might as well just go mad and do a hard event, having survivors at the edge of their abilities.
The Titan Therbis is known by the color cyan.
The Titan Red is known by the color pink.

Additional : 
Finding a Titan outside their base in the wild is a real good thing and the survivor should totally approach them. The Titans will be pleased by the survivor being attentive and will gift the player a special item, depending on which Titan, it will either be a peaceful helping item, or a chaos bringing one. Don´t get too greedy though, if the Titans notice you are stalking them out just to grab special items, they might as well set your head to a bounty Lortuma wide.

Application :
The Titans Clan is the only one you can not apply to. It has no use to even try to, not even if you are maybe an experienced admin. The admin rights are just given to some privileged close people who can be trusted the power of „the gods“ without missusing it.