Tundra Clan

Tundra Clan

Tundra Clan

Difficulty : Very hard
Members : 1/5
Clan banner : Mammoth
Eco Empires : Khmer

The Clan :
Big, bigger, the biggest. The Tundra clan has its home in the region of some of the biggest creatures of Lortuma, and most of them too. The friendly Mammoth wouldnt be a big deal to this strong clan, but the packs of wolves and pigs have the members of this clan on a constant watch out.

Their Character :
If you are looking for serious people, go for the Tundra clan. The members of the clan know how hard life can be and wont waste their time on chit-chat. The second they spend not taking care will be the second a wolf pack will devour their latest tame. Better not make a joke about such things, they might take it bad on you.

Application :
If you want to recrute yourself to the Tundra clan, make sure you are as strong headed as the nature of the environment. There will be no mercy from wildlife, badgers, wolves and pigs will constantly hunt you and certainly make your survival in this area a true challenge.