Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader

(played by Therbis)

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The Trader
The wandering trader is a admin playd npc who is selling special creatures and sometimes items. He has a little cave, marked on the map, which is usually shut most of the time.
On rare occassions though, (there usually is a callout for it) the trader will either be within its Trader Forest (wandering) or opening the gates to his cave for a certain time. When you find the trader in the forest, you get a reward for finding him first, and then can participate in an auction he is holding for roughly 3-8 special dinosaurs (either creatures not obtainable or greater levels than possible in the wild).

If you happen to be lucky enough to visit him in his cave opened times, you can go ahead and buy whatever he has to offer without an auction.
On both times, wandering or open cave, you can sell trophies to the trader you can find at wild creatures (like Argent claws, Trex arms etc).